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The image files that I have put on-line, are my property and the copyrights are also mine. This applies to the on-line reproductions as well as the original negatives and diapositives.

The images are available for free, BUT only for projects that are both non-commercial and low-budget. When you need an image for private use, or for a small non-commercial project you don't need to ask permission. I'm interested to know how my materials are used, but there is no obligation. In all other cases, I do insist on being informed, and you need my consent.

For use in commercial projects, and other projects that have a budget for salaries and services, I will ask a financial compensation. The price of the rights to an image will depend on roughly three factors: the quality of the image the degree of commerciality of your project, and the 'prominence' & quantity of the reproduction. This will be a one-time amount for publication on solid media, or a (often small) annual fee for publication on-line.

In any case I would like to receive a copy of the product, When you have a digitized version of your work, I'd like to receive that attached to email. When it is a web site, I would need the URL.

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